Reply To: Wanted! 1.6 on Half-life WON (not working)


Hi, Kirk. It’s primarily 64-bit I am running, although, I do have a XP boot for compatibility’s sake. The last time I tried to get the mod working (when I first made this thread), I tried to get it working with the WON version of half-life, not the steam version. Reasoning: the lastest version of Wanted! was made for the version of half-life (WON version). Unfortunately, the game would crash when trying to get a LAN hosted game up, though, single-player did work.

Now, I think I might be feeling for a last dish effort try to get Wanted! working for some LAN play, but with the steam version this time around. I only have one PC with XP installed on it (32-bit). My other PCs (and friends PCs) are all Windows 7 64-bit.

I’ll try to follow the instructions for the steam version, though, I’ll have to use my XP to extract the mod and patch, of course.

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