Reply To: Known Issues


There is a way to get wanted!mod working on a 64 Bit Engine, i tested and played it on Windows 7 Professional 64.

Background: I had a external hard drive with counterstrike 1.6/half life and wanted!mod on it, and i wanted to play it again. 🙂
Besides the installed game, i also kept my installation files – i always do that to get old games working on new computers.
I had to re-install counterstrike, to get the necessary files onto the C: drive. Worked.
But there was no way to get wanted!mod installed again, it says “language in SETUP.LID not found, error 105”.
So i just copied the full folder “wantedhl”, which was already installed, to my newly installed counterstrike/halflife folder, added a DLL to C: and was ready to go.

First of all, you need a fully installed folder of wanted!mod, which is named “wantedhl” and placed inside the halflife folder besides the “hl.exe” and the “cstrike” folder.

To get that full folder, you need to
1) have half life or counterstrike installed on that 64 bit machine, then
2) install wanted!mod on any other 32 bit machine (wanted15 and wanted16patch), and finally
3) copy the “wantedhl” folder with all its contents from the 32 bit machine to the 64 bit machine.
Addtitionally, you will need to
4) download the “ifc22.dll” – for example here: – and place it in System32 and in SysWOW64 folder.

Done, works for me.
There is no need to Run the setup of wanted!mod on the 64 bit machine.