Download / Install

  1. Hoss


    Using the “Steam” application on your computer, install “Half-Life” (currently $9.99).

  2. Play “Half-Life” at least once, to establish proper directory structure.
  3. Shut down “Steam.”
  4. Download and unzip:
  5. Copy the resulting “wantedsp” folder to:
    C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Half-Life\wantedsp
    ~/Library/Application Support/Steam/SteamApps/common/Half-Life/wantedsp
  6. Restart the Steam application on your computer.
  7. Start the Wanted! mod from Steam. Log into, “Library”, “All Games”, and you will see “Wanted!” in the list. If you don’t see Wanted! in the list, restart your computer and log back into Steam.
  8. On the in game start screen, click “Find Servers”
  9. On top tab click “Favorites”
  10. On bottom tab click “Add a Server”
  11. In new box, without parentheses, enter “”, then click “Add this address to favorites”
  12. Double click on “Half-Life:  Wanted!“.
  13. Over 100 unique STEAM_IDs logged into our server in 2013. However, only a few of us got to play with other live people. Are you tired of playing against bots? Log in on the first Friday of every month at 7 pm eastern (GMT – 5:00).